Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bayanihan: From RPM to Deb?!

Bayanihan Linux 3.1 was my first ever Linux distro. I got my first every Linux distro CD from ASTI office wherein I also bought BL 3.1 black tshirts. I was an instant Linux fan.

It was based on Fedora Core then but it has now switched to Debian thus my excitement! Well, I have nothing against Fedora. I just felt that I will be more "at home" using the new Debian-based Bayanihan Linux as I am currently using Ubuntu Linux... where every installation is only an apt-get away. :)

The following is the annoucement post made by Rage Callao at the Philippine Linux User's Group (PLUG) mailing list, to wit:

Hello everyone,

Bayanihan Linux, a project of the Advanced Science and Technology
Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, has released
the first beta version of Bayanihan Linux 4.

This beta/testing release features:

- Debian Sarge/stable 3.1 based core
- graphical installer
- updated kernel to 2.6.16
- KDE 3.5 desktop
- OpenOffice.org 2
- Firefox 1.5
- Imendio Planner, Kile, KMyMoney2 and Scribus
- GIMP 2.2.10 and Inkscape for graphical editing
- XMMS and MPlayer for audio and video playback
- Guarddog Firewall and Synaptic Package Manager
- Smb4k browser

To download, please visit: http://bayanihan.gov.ph

We welcome suggestions that will help improve this release and
encourage everyone in the local linux community to contribute. If you
would like to participate in its ongoing development please feel free
to contact us at the below email address or visit us at:

ASTI Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue
U.P. Technology Park, Diliman
Quezon City

email: bayanihan@asti.dost.gov.ph

or call: 426-3572

Following is a preliminary to-do list for those who are interested to volunteer:
* testing/patches/bugfixes/
* a working text based installer
* government forms and permission to include these forms in BL
* wallpapers, graphics, themes
* wine tweaks for apps and games

I know this is not as big as Ubuntu but hey, this is our very own! ASTI has also released its CENTos based Bayanihan Server edition. I am already prodding my friend to download them for me. I'll keep you all posted :).

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