Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gutsy or PCLOS

I have enjoyed Ubuntu in the past but suddenly got turned off by Feisty. Now that Gutsy is out with a slew of improvements... my heart is torn into two.

Gutsy or PCLOS?!

PCLOS = KDE, codecs and plugins already installed... with excellent control panel...

Gutsy = I just love Gnome!!!

Oh well, abangan na lang... bugbog na naman sa install itong PC ko.

Monday, October 08, 2007

eBPLS on Asus P5K Mobo Intel Pentium Core2 Duo

We at the LGU of Paniqui, Tarlac is currently testing the deployment of the Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System or eBPLS software that came from the NCC thru its joint project with the LMP and CESO (a Canadian group). The eBPLS is on Fedora Core 4.

The biggest hiccup that came along the way is that we weren't (at first) able to install it on a new server PC with an Asus P5K Mobo, Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo, 2 sata drives, one dvd drive, and 2 Gb of RAM.

The install CD will boot until the time it looks for a driver (or module in *nix terms) for the DVD drive (or might be the sata drives). We tried all the selections but it was in vain.

Until I discovered something that can make it work by putting an incantation at the boot parameter... and its as simple as "linux all-generic-ide"!

And it installed although it only recognized our sata drives as IDE drives which we can live for now. One other problem that is it won't recognize the DVD drive upon boot but still we just simply USB drives which came in handy. Got any solutions for this? Comment it!

And yes, no sound and no ready detection of NIC... so we simply inserted one edimax NIC and it works. I don't have to deal with the sound coz its a server PC after all.

And for those using eBPLS on a Intel Core 2 Duo machine, install the smp kernel to maximize your processor. The default kernel will only use one cpu. :(

For now, we are happy that the server is now up and running. We have installed Yum to ease the installation of other applications if ever we need them. So far so good!