Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Camorama, DoTA and Kubuntu

Yesterday, I had my first try to use a webcam on Ubuntu Linux. It was a Logitech QuickCam Messenger ( ID 046d:08f0) issued for our LGU's Community eCenter. As I am keen on installing *buntu on the PCs they gave us (with FC4 preinstalled), my first daunting task is how to make its webcam work. came to my rescue as I learned that I needed to get a file at and run it so that the webcam would work. Unfortunately, the link is dead and so as the site. I searched it thru Google and I was lucky to find the driver (qc-usb-messenger1.1.orig.tar.gz - not the latest) from a certain location I already forgot.

I first had to apt-get build-essential and linux-kernel-header-uname plus camorama (for testing). I then simply ran the file in it (as root as it was required) and did a "sudo modprobe quickcam".

And here's my camorama snapshot:

It works nicely with Gyach-Enhanced.

Another thing is that a friend asked me if I could try to ran DoTa in Ubuntu. I, of course, used Wine. DoTA ran as if its a native game in Linux and I'm starting to love it.

I wanted to use Edubuntu on the PCs for our LGUs Community eCenter but the installation borked as it seems that monitor (brand: Giant) has a low frequency thingy... something I am not familiar. Too afraid to tinker with /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

And so I tried the Kubuntu Live CD and it had no problems with the monitor. I copied the archived debs from my Edubuntu PC to the /var/cache/apt/archives of the Kubuntu PCs, edited /etc/apt/sources.list to enable and add the required repositories.. and then did an update.

I only had to download 40mb out of the 170mb but it still took too long as my internet connection is really, really slow. Hint: DIAL-UP.

My first impressions of Kubuntu?! I love Kaffeine and Amarok. Codecs and extra fonts were installed via Automatix = the only installation process I use Automatix nowadays (Too lazy!).

I get to love Konqueror as it works as a browser for files and for the net. System Settings is also OK.

I hate Adept. It sucks. The updater sucks more. I had to install synaptic package manager, easier to use and better interface.

Ahhh... using a webcam, a nice game like DoTA, and the likable interface of Kubuntu makes me somewhat think about the other OS I used to tinker not too long time ago... an OS that is not part of my PC anymore. :) Do I miss it?! Nah, not a bit!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Of Edubuntu Install CD and Irssi

I must admit that I was quite disappointed when I got my order of Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. Although the packaging still impresses, I was disappointed that each package only has the one CD... the Live CD.

I am not a fan of Live CDs and besides all I want is an installer CD coz I am already sold with the idea that I want to install Ubuntu on a PC. So when my Edubuntu packages came, I just put it on my bag and left there for days.

Then this morning, I happen to read the carton paper package of one of my Edubuntu CDs and OMG! I was actually amused to find out that it was the Edubuntu Install CD! Oh well, the lessons are 1. Read First and 2. Don't assume too much.

Another thing I learned on a Sunday (at the #ubuntu-ph channel at is about irssi -- a command line IRC client.

Simply type "irssi" at the terminal and then press Enter. To connect to a server e.g., type /server and then to join a channel e.g. #ubuntu-ph, type /join #ubuntu-ph and that's it!

Now I know irrsi and loving it. :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday, I found out that when you right click a folder it already has an option to share the folder over the network. Neat. :)

This morning, I found out that my former student now has blog about Linux and he even has his own how-tos. Congrats Jag!

And thru his blog, I also learned that there is an IE4Linux project. However, I don't use IE anymore so I opted not to install it. But then, for those who would like to try it (or it may help run Gunbound on Linux).. here is the link.

Ahhh, the beauty of learning Linux... there are so much to learn that you'll always be a newbie. I love that.