Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dapper at Last!

Finally, I am on Dapper! I used the Edubuntu Dapper Live CD sent to me by someone I don't even personally know... Wendy Acetes from Daly City. Wendy was the first one who offered to give me Ubuntu CDs after I pleaded thru this blog. Thanks Wendy!

Unfortunately, I accidentally scratched the CDs given by Charo when I placed them on my motorbike's compartment. Sayang!

My first impression on Dapper?! One word: FAST! Two Words: Really FAST!

I like how they were able to make it boot faster... and shutdown a lot faster too than Breezy. I also like the default theme - the colors and icons and all those stuff.

However, it seems that they streamlined it to the bare necessities so gone are the other applications you see on Breezy.

My first attempt to update my Dapper box (which I named TEQNIX after this blog) was last Monday. Although not continously, I was able to finish the download of 90 plus updated deb package this morning... including the kernel updates. I am still using dial-up, remember?!

Other applications I have installed were the following (with some help from, automatix, and easyubuntu): Etherape, Firefox plugins (java, flash, mplayer), FrostWire, Gaim 2.0 Beta, gFTP, Gnome-PPP, Java, GnomeBaker, XPad, MS Core Fonts, MPlayer, XMMS, Simple Backup and Restore (ala System Restore), Boot-Up Manager and of course, the much-needed Audio Video Codecs... oh yes, I almost forgot Squid HTTP Proxy, Firestarter, SAMBA and DHCP3-Server which I had no problem setting up as I used the old .conf which worked like a charm.

I had no problems with NVidia Video Card, sound card, my external modem, and war-torn HP printer. No problem too with my dial-up connection setup.

As with the installation itself, its a great idea to have Live CD that has a nice GUI for the installation process but somehow I still prefer the text-based installation on *buntu install CDs. The bottomline, both are good but I prefer text-based.

So far, everything is bliss... as in heaven for me with my Edubuntu Dapper box. Oh well, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko eh!

Now, if only someone can give me *buntu InStALL CDs... and that's another story. :)


ealden said...

Awesome Sir Dave! I've checked out Boot-Up Manager, and it looks nifty (though could use some touch up in the UI).

I also got curious with you installing Squid, Firestarter, DHCP, etc: do you have a proxy setup or something?

fishfillet said...

Thanks Ealden!

Yes, we do have a rather simple proxy setup in our office... my pc works as a router, proxy server, and file server (and my personal sandbox as well).

The internet is being shared with 12 PCs... and that is dial-up. For a dial-up connection, not bad.

ealden said...

Astig! Actually before shared to 3 desktops at 1 laptop (na paminsan-minsan lang) yung dial-up connection namin sa bahay. Ngayon, nadagdagan pa ng 2 laptops so medyo loaded. Pero grabe 12 desktops!

Astig at naayos mo ang iyong setup with squid and dhcpd - maaari mo kayang maemail ang iyong conf sa akin? Pati na rin kung ano ang mga papel ng iba't-ibang mga aplikasyon na ininstall mo? Gumagamit ako ng dnsmasq ngayon, at binabalak kong magsulat ng post tungkol dito sa aking blog mamayang gabi.

fishfillet said...

Sure, I'll email to you my .confs ASAP.

I use Firestarter (a GuI frontend to iptables) as firewall, router and to do NAT.

And actually, the dhcp.conf I am using was auto configured by Firestarter. I one lazy newbie, you must have noticed.

Squid... I learned to set it up with the help of the PLUG mailing list. Nangulit ako noon!

BTW, I use SquidGuard to prevent access to pr0n and other unnecessary sites.

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