Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kubuntu: I want to try!

Sir Chin Wong of the Manila Times issued a challenge to Linux developers that has something to do with providing an easy GUI on SAMBA (network file sharing) and CUPS (printer installation). He uses Ubuntu, by the way.

Wait! I do remember when I was using Mandrake 10.1, there was a nice GUI interface for SAMBA setup and I had no problems sharing my printer on the network. Unfortunately, no more Mandrake 10.1 for me to try on.

But then, I realized that there is Kubuntu which is KDE based just like Mandrake 10.1.

How I wish I could help Mr. Chin Wong by developing such GUI but then I am no developer or programmer so I had to try help him in other ways I can.

And so I will try to install Kubuntu any time this week and share my experiences thru this blog. I hope to get something out of it although quite honestly, a year of using Ubuntu (Gnome-based) has already made me a stranger to KDE. (I really pray that I'll have time to do this.)

By the way, Jon has a very nice how-to on transparent Squid proxying with iptables. Do read it and enjoy.

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