Sunday, April 22, 2007

To do with Feisty!

I am yet to install Feisty on my PC but here's already my short list of to-do's, to wit:
  1. Install VMWare and learn how to install different OS's.
  2. Install IE4Linux, just for fun.
  3. Install and setup a working LAMP.
  4. Get an account at to acquire a static domain.
  5. Setup my PC so that I can ssh (or VNC) to it when I am out of the office.
  6. Install and play with Beryl!
That's all for now. I just thought that I have been using Desktop Linux for two years and its about time that I experiment with other things than I can do with Linux (other than fiddling with proxy servers and iptables all the time).

This forever linux newbie is getting excited!


Dominique said...

Hi, Dave: just mailed two Feisty Desktop CDs to you. Was going to send it via courier but the ones I tried didn't cover Tarlac. Sent via post -- Priority Mail -- instead. Have fun!

fishfillet said...

Thanks Dom!

No problem sending it via post office, I can wait. :)

Again, my sincerest appreciation (and beer reservation).

Anonymous said...

Its not that easy to install VMWare server on 7.04 yet as tje vmon and vmnet modules do not compile properly (probably because of the kernel incompatibilities). You can still install current VMWare with 6.10 easily though.