Friday, June 01, 2007

TIP: Undo wrapped text on your KDE desktop icons

An initial bad impression I had on KDE is that it wraps the text under a desktop icon that sometimes it even automatically shorten the text... it looks darn ugly to me:

I've tried searching the KDE Control Center for a solution only to get zero results. I later found out that the solution is really simple. Right click on your desktop (not on an icon), then hover on the word Icon and then left click on Align to Grid. You may also right click on Lock in Place to prevent accidentally messing up your desktop icons.

And dyaran...

No more wrapped texts under desktop icons while icons are neatly aligned. Simple does it!

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Navid said...

does not help here. i still got cut off text. KDE in many, many ways imitates the worst features of windows (ME) while leaving out some good ones (like a syncronization of the folder pane and main pane in kde, when using the keyboard to navigate)