Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gutsy or PCLOS

I have enjoyed Ubuntu in the past but suddenly got turned off by Feisty. Now that Gutsy is out with a slew of improvements... my heart is torn into two.

Gutsy or PCLOS?!

PCLOS = KDE, codecs and plugins already installed... with excellent control panel...

Gutsy = I just love Gnome!!!

Oh well, abangan na lang... bugbog na naman sa install itong PC ko.


Edu said...

Ummm...Can you compromise? Interested in this project that you may share an enthusiasm for:

ISO's here:

Will be downloading shortly

fishfillet said...

Damn, this is what I am looking for!

Thanks bro, will be downloading when I get home from this Linux training.

Best of both worlds. :)