Sunday, August 06, 2006

Of Edubuntu Install CD and Irssi

I must admit that I was quite disappointed when I got my order of Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. Although the packaging still impresses, I was disappointed that each package only has the one CD... the Live CD.

I am not a fan of Live CDs and besides all I want is an installer CD coz I am already sold with the idea that I want to install Ubuntu on a PC. So when my Edubuntu packages came, I just put it on my bag and left there for days.

Then this morning, I happen to read the carton paper package of one of my Edubuntu CDs and OMG! I was actually amused to find out that it was the Edubuntu Install CD! Oh well, the lessons are 1. Read First and 2. Don't assume too much.

Another thing I learned on a Sunday (at the #ubuntu-ph channel at is about irssi -- a command line IRC client.

Simply type "irssi" at the terminal and then press Enter. To connect to a server e.g., type /server and then to join a channel e.g. #ubuntu-ph, type /join #ubuntu-ph and that's it!

Now I know irrsi and loving it. :)


jgotangco said...

There are practical reasons why the live cd installer was considered a) its possible and other distributions (like Gentoo and Mandriva) has done it in the past b) It is much cheaper to produce only 1 CD instead of 2 and allows us to ship all 3 projects (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu) in 3 architectures instead of only Ubuntu. With this approach its possible that with enough polish, Xubuntu will also be available as a pressed CD.

Also, the current "live cd" is now called "Install" and the "install cd" is now called "Alternate".

Although this does not apply to Edubuntu since it doesn't make sense for us to ship a live component of LTSP (it would be very very slow) and since Edubuntu is developed primarily as a clasroom server, the Alternate CD was the obvious choice.

fishfillet said...

Thank you for the enlightenment.

As I said, I guess its just me who doesn't want a Live CD coz I have some difficulties using it to install on a PC and sometimes, it takes too long to boot when all you want really is an install. :)

But then I am happy they shipped the "install" CD for edubuntu as it will make it easier for me to setup a LTSP server, I hope, given my limited knowledge and experience in doing so.