Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Camorama, DoTA and Kubuntu

Yesterday, I had my first try to use a webcam on Ubuntu Linux. It was a Logitech QuickCam Messenger ( ID 046d:08f0) issued for our LGU's Community eCenter. As I am keen on installing *buntu on the PCs they gave us (with FC4 preinstalled), my first daunting task is how to make its webcam work. came to my rescue as I learned that I needed to get a file at and run it so that the webcam would work. Unfortunately, the link is dead and so as the site. I searched it thru Google and I was lucky to find the driver (qc-usb-messenger1.1.orig.tar.gz - not the latest) from a certain location I already forgot.

I first had to apt-get build-essential and linux-kernel-header-uname plus camorama (for testing). I then simply ran the file in it (as root as it was required) and did a "sudo modprobe quickcam".

And here's my camorama snapshot:

It works nicely with Gyach-Enhanced.

Another thing is that a friend asked me if I could try to ran DoTa in Ubuntu. I, of course, used Wine. DoTA ran as if its a native game in Linux and I'm starting to love it.

I wanted to use Edubuntu on the PCs for our LGUs Community eCenter but the installation borked as it seems that monitor (brand: Giant) has a low frequency thingy... something I am not familiar. Too afraid to tinker with /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

And so I tried the Kubuntu Live CD and it had no problems with the monitor. I copied the archived debs from my Edubuntu PC to the /var/cache/apt/archives of the Kubuntu PCs, edited /etc/apt/sources.list to enable and add the required repositories.. and then did an update.

I only had to download 40mb out of the 170mb but it still took too long as my internet connection is really, really slow. Hint: DIAL-UP.

My first impressions of Kubuntu?! I love Kaffeine and Amarok. Codecs and extra fonts were installed via Automatix = the only installation process I use Automatix nowadays (Too lazy!).

I get to love Konqueror as it works as a browser for files and for the net. System Settings is also OK.

I hate Adept. It sucks. The updater sucks more. I had to install synaptic package manager, easier to use and better interface.

Ahhh... using a webcam, a nice game like DoTA, and the likable interface of Kubuntu makes me somewhat think about the other OS I used to tinker not too long time ago... an OS that is not part of my PC anymore. :) Do I miss it?! Nah, not a bit!

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