Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Hit and a Miss in a Day

HIT: Mark, my officemate, can't synchronize his iPod shuffle on Windows PC. iTunes spew an error that it won't sync because there is a missing disc. Duh?!

So what I did is that I tried it on Ubuntu Gutsy... iPod Shuffle was automatically detected, Rhythmbox came up and I simply drag and drop the songs he wanted and it worked flawlessly!

MISS: I tried my Ubuntu Gutsy for a presentation... actually to play .dat movies on a VCD... plugged on an LCD Projector. Wow, the resolution is very good! Sound is working.. but hey it won't play the VCD that we wanted to play.... no applicable codecs, no suggestion to download... ubuntu-restricted-extras but still no go. :(

In short, I was embarrassed.

Now I am using Automatix2 to install the necessary codecs and see if it works. Dang!


Dax Solomon Umaming said...

VCD would play only on Xine or GXine.. Install libvcd0 (or something), and play it by hitting the VCD0, not VCD.

This was an issue as far back as Feisty and I think it was caused by the decision to use sdx instead of hdx in hdd naming convention. Honestly, I don't think it'll get fixed...

fishfillet said...

thanks dax!

So that's the culprit. I am using Totem-Xine.. will that work with libvcd0?

fishfillet said...

Unfortunately, Xine or Gxine didn't work with libvcdinfo0 already installed. No go for VLC also.

Just when I am about to look for my PCLOS 2007 installed cd to wipe Ubuntu Gutsy from my harddisk, I remembered one advise I had to a friend to play his VCD on Ubuntu Feisty...

Install KMPlayer! And it did worked! One thing I notice that it uses to engines, Xine and Mplayer, both will do I prefer mplayer.

Its working now. :)